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Funny Money

Retired civil servant Bernard Jones isn’t, as he would be the first to agree, the world’s greatest investor. The man who lost money with shares in Jarvis and Railtrack, and who retains a with-profits policy with Equitable Life has proved that the best way to make a small fortune in shares is to start with a large one.

Now, though, goaded by his overbearing wife Eunice and shamed by the investing success of dinner-party bore Peter Edgington, Bernard has decided to turn over a new leaf and apply himself. Better still, he discovers that his senile mother Dot, is actually sitting on a fortune bigger than he could have dreamed of. But getting his hands on it is easier said than done. Funny Money includes all the 2006 columns of Bernard Jones that appeared in Investors Chronicle magazine plus much new and previously unpublished material.

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